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The SLTDA's Research and International Relations Division is responsible for the efficient collection of research and statistics. Moreover, work involves carrying out comprehensive market research continuously, carrying out studies, identifying gaps and tabulating the information for the relevant departments.

Visitor arrivals, domestic movements and product and service facilities are also monitored, while periodic research surveys are carried out to obtain qualitative and quantitative tourism related information. A publication on statistical data relating to tourism is presented regularly. The impact of the tourism industry on the local economy is scrutinized. SLTDA's relations with international organizations such as PATA, UNWTO and the Regional Tourism Corporation are efficiently managed and participation at varied international and regional forums and events is ascertained. Periodically, the SLTDA publishes a monthly statistical bulletin and an Annual Statistical Report, which indicates the performance of Sri Lanka Tourism in terms of tourist arrivals, foreign exchange earnings, creation of employment opportunities and hotel occupancy rates.