Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Benefits of Registering with SLTDA

The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority is committed towards transforming Sri Lanka to be Asia’s foremost tourism destination by end 2010. The SLTDA will strive to develop diverse, unique and quality tourism services and products that would make Sri Lanka a unique destination, globally.
Given its vision, the SLTDA invites all tourist establishments and associates to partner alongside them in achieving this vision.

By Registering with the SLTDA, the entity will receive;

  1. Industry recognition

  2. As a registered tourism institution / service provider, related information will be listed and promoted in the SLTDA’s Accommodation Guidebook and all Tourism related websites. Moreover, registered providers / institutions will have unlimited access to the online destination management system, which is currently under development.

  3. Exemption from paying the 3% Nation Building Tax (NBT)

  4. All registered institutions / service providers will be exempt from paying the government tax of 3% charged to all corporate entities.

  5. Financial assistance and industry support

  6. Registered institutions / service providers applying for loans and grants will be given all available assistance to obtain funds. Moreover industry support and assistance will be available when required. Necessary information related to regulations and changes within Sri Lanka Tourism will be notified. Assistance for obtaining grants and new / renewing of liquor licenses will be offered. Training programs for capacity building will be provided periodically. The SLTDA will also extend support to registered institutions / service providers in obtaining permits to develop the surrounding area’s infrastructure, preservation of cultural heritages and protection of the environment. Registered institutions / service providers will have priority access to the Tourism Crisis Management fund, which aids disaster-affected tourist establishments during a crisis period.

  7. Eligibility for various incentive programs offered by SLTDA and government agencies

  8. Registered institutions / service providers will be given preference to the incentive programs and schemes offered by the SLTDA and other government agencies. Registered institutions / service providers will also be eligible to participate in the varied international and local trade fairs such as the ITB and WTM held periodically.

  9. Duty free facilities

  10. Registered institutions / service providers will be provided duty free facilities on goods and services imported when such concession schemes are available.